The Beta XTrainer

The logical choice to follow up on the Kawasaki now that Nyree is starting to become a bit more accomplished and gain some skill.

The Beta Cross Trainer suits less aggressive riding and is a bike that sits slightly lower standard and weighs less than an equivalent 2 stroke Enduro machine. In other words, perfect for a shorter person (being Nyree) and basically a detuned enduro machine. Before we took delivery of the new bike, we had it factory lowered with both front and rear suspensions resprung. This dropped the seat height to a more comfortable level for Nyree. It also comes in under 100kg which also aids to Nyree being able to move it freely and lighter to pick up when she drops it.

We added all the protection you can put on an enduro, the highlight being a massively over engineered pipe guard by Ptech. It also has a mapping selector which 2 modes, sun; full power and rain; reduced power.So, once she gets up to speed and becomes fully capable on it, all that is really needed to bring it up to a full enduro weapon is an aftermarket pipe and exhaust.

Look forward to getting her out with the boys in the next few years!

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