Our EvaKool Fridges

We have 2 EvaKool Fridges, we have had one for 2 years, the other for over 12 months. They are both great fridges and the reason we decided on EvaKool is because they were the only fridge that would fit in our camper trailer and on our fridge slide.

Love the Stickers.....
Love the Stickers…..

I would like to say that we have had a few issues with our fridges. The main one being that we seemed to freeze most things. One trip we froze the milk and it took for ages to defrost….actually to the point that I couldn’t wait anymore and made our coffees. GROSS, it was awful, like mud….don’t ever make a coffee with frozen milk melted in a jug….doesn’t work, trust me!

Anyhow, getting back to the fridges and fridge slide. We had the fridge slide made from Lifestyle Camper Trailers to our specifications. We showed them a picture of what we were after and they did the rest. It works beautifully and we are extremely happy with it. It locks in when it is under the camper trailer and has a leg to help support it when it is out and in use.

When it is in use, so all the time when we are away actually....
When it is in use, so all the time when we are away actually….

With the fridges and after reading some forums on them, we now leave the baskets in them when they are in use. We never used to put them in the actual fridge, but now we do. We have had a few trips since writing this and after doing some research, we haven’t frozen anything since…especially milk for our coffee….Go Us!

The fantastic fridge slide we had built.
The fantastic fridge slide we had built.

After discovering that when using the baskets, the things you have in your fridge don’t freeze, you do have less space in the fridge, however, and things on a whole have been a whole lot better. I enjoy my mudless tasting coffee and the kids have breakfast without the added bonus of a rice bubble slushy….