Coffee Time

I am a one cup, sometimes 2 cup of coffee person. I, without fail, always have a coffee of a morning and during the week, if I’m meeting friends, I’ll have another one. I enjoy my coffee, as does Jason. He can miss it though sometimes, but I can’t as I have made the terrible discovery that when I miss a coffee, I will always end up with a headache the next day…..withdrawals.

The Campfire Percolator we use while camping.
The Campfire Percolator we use while camping.

The first headache I had while camping from lack of coffee prompted me to do some homework on camping percolators. This I did and the best, for taste and ease, was the Campfire Percolator, not necessarily for price though, I think that was average. Now, I have never used this type of coffee thing before, so it has taken a while to get use too. Occasionally I think I have it down pat and the stupid thing just spits out bits of coffee, making a mess of the stove. I then wonder what I have done wrong with that coffee and the next day change it up a bit and a beautiful, slow, rich, dark dribble of coffee makes it way out of the spout…..smells wonderful and looks great. I heat the milk up and make a nice coffee which we both thoroughly enjoy.

That's how it SHOULD look every time, but doesn't.
That’s how it SHOULD look every time, but doesn’t.

The next day I try the same recipe, the same amount of water, the same amount of coffee and what do I get….the spitting, messy, barely enough coffee to make one cup let alone two cups of dark liquid. What am I doing wrong??? I’m by no means a barista, but I am a coffee connoisseur I think, as is Jason. We know what we like and will frequent the same cafe’s or bakery’s and we know that if we have a nasty one, we won’t go back there. Example, we have a very nice cafe, shop, florist, eatery place near us and the coffee from there is rather poor we think, whereas across the road, there is an Asian bakery that does coffee and their coffee is much much nicer, at half the price as well.

That's how I WISH my camping coffee looked!
That’s how I WISH my camping coffee looked!
That's how my coffee looks while camping.....tastes good though!
That’s how my coffee looks while camping…..tastes good though!

I will continue to struggle to make my coffee in the morning while we camp, but I won’t ever go without….one day I might just discover the perfect recipe and it will work every time….fingers crossed anyhow!!!