Wollondilly River Station

The Sharks fin.
The Sharks fin.

We came across Wollondilly River Station after reading a few articles about it. It is nearly a 3 hour drive, south of Sydney, roughly an hours drive after turning off at Mittagong. You follow Wombeyan Caves Road, which after a while turns into dirt track, which is graded, but steep and slightly slippery in parts. It takes you down to the river valley where you eventually cross a bridge and start heading up the other side of the valley. It was approx. 50kms from Mittagong.

Wollondilly River Station headquarters are located on the right hand side as you start heading up. You have to pay to camp here, the campgrounds located here and back across the river on the right hand side, having to pass through a gate to reach them. The cost of camping isn’t expensive, $5 per school age child, $10 per adult with under school age children and pets free. It is flat and level ground near the river, with numerous sites running along both sides, although I think from memory, the toilets, which are old ex-council port-a-loos on trailers, are only on one side of the river. The owners do maintain the lawn, as each time we have been they have been mowed.

The owners have their own website, which has all the information you need to know about Wollondilly River Station, so click here to see more.

You can make use of the river, paddle boarding, swimming, fishing or canoeing. There is a fair amount of weed near the banks so be mindful when fishing, as you will get snagged!!!

Wombeyan Caves is well worth the short drive. It is a great place for a visit, evening paying for a guided tour. It also has great picnic areas, to make a day of it.