Mungo National Park and Kangaroo Island

Ever thought much about Kangaroo Island? It appears not many have, a real undiscovered gem was our thinking. It’s actually Australia’s 3rd biggest island and is an easy few hours’ drive south of Adelaide to the vehicle ferry for a 45min crossing. On our trek over to it we decided that we would go via central western NSW and would visit Balranald and head up to Mungo National Park. This trip had the best of both, outback desert and secluded beaches!

Mungo National park probably had the best Nat. Parks services that we have come across. For once we could see where our annual Parks pass money goes! And the education that we all got made us realize how insignificant we are in the scheme of things and how old and mysterious this land is!

Kangaroo Island was big! We did 1,300kms in 7 days just cruising around, everything seemed 45min from everything else, and despite the fact holiday accommodation was full we hardly saw anyone, just how we like it! To drive onto the beaches and set up for the day is always a winner, and the beaches were a colour blue not found on the Eastern seaboard and beautiful.