Broken Stabiliser Legs

My first ever Blog Post……the all important Stabiliser Leg.

And yep an important thing when it comes to camper trailers….well anything that needs a stabiliser leg to be honest. We kind of found out the hard way….so that’s why I’m passing our previous problems on to you, so this won’t happen on your trips.


The Victorian High Country, what a trip it was. Would / Will be going back there definitely. We did some rough driving, not actual find the rocks and ledges type 4WDriving, but just the steepness of both ascents and descents, erosion mounds and switch backs. We had long trips in the truck that covered all of the above, all while towing the camper trailer too.

Some of the Fire Trails we took mentioned that they weren’t suitable for camper trailers, these we did not take. Others, however, we did and erosion mound after erosion mound we hit. The meaning of this is as follows: “The group of natural processes, including weathering, dissolution, abrasion, corrosion, and transportation, by which material is worn away from the earth’s surface”. That’s pretty much what they were too.

Half way in to the trip we discovered, our bearly there stabiliser legs and at the top of Zeka Spur Fire Trail, we noticed we had damaged both of our back stabiliser legs, the front ones were fine thus far. The back ones, although were still attached to the camper trailer, looked a little bit worse for wear. We travelled on…..and on…down switch backs: “a mountain road, railway, or track which rises and falls sharply many times or a sharp rise and fall on such a road, railway, or track”, over erosion mounds until we finally pulled up near the bottom to discover……

Was an occy strap going to cut the mustard????
Was an occy strap going to cut the mustard????

And the answer to that question is…..

Obviously not.....
Obviously not…..

Oh and one day in our travels we had extreme trouble reaching the summit of a mountain, so we had to turn the trailer and truck around on a very steep trail, just the two of us, the story to this will be posted in due course. The result of this was the damage to the jockey wheel, which we also needed to replace.

Didn't make it either.....
Didn’t make it either…..

We managed to survive until we returned home. We needed to replace all four of our stabiliser legs and the jockey wheel at a cost of roughly $600, all from AGSR Trailers on the Northern Beaches and both of our Lifestyle Camper Trailer mud flaps, which they sent to us at no extra cost…..very nice of them.

Yep....they needed replacing too.
Yep….they needed replacing too.

So. We think when and if you are planning a big trip that takes you away from major towns for a length of time, take one or two extra stabiliser legs, not necessarily the jockey wheel, as you can manage without that. We kept the two front ones and now have them to take with us if the situation arises that we misplace one on the way!!!!