The Kawasaki

Jason was getting lonely riding around on his Husaberg. So I went back to the RTA and got my learners for the 2nd time. Being 5’4” it’s really difficult to get on an Enduro as they all have seat heights around 950mm making it very hard to swing my leg over and balance, actually I can’t get both feet on the ground, which is something I need to make me feel a bit more in control.

At least I look the part!
All the gear and absolutely NO idea!!
The smile hides the nerves.
The two bikes, ready to hit the tracks.

A solution was found in the form of a KLX150. After the first ride, which included tears, sweet and snot (none of which were very attractive) we made quite few changes to bush/crash proof it, including new bars, bark busters, pegs and levers. I have since learnt to go down hills, albeit rather slowly, going up them is much easier I have found! Still learning and as a forklift driver and coach, I think I will get there eventually, hopefully anyhow!!