The BMW 1200 GSA

On it’s first voyage.

A 2014 R1200 GS Adventure the first of the new liquid cooled models. And that’s about all the technical stuff we need to know, after all it’s a BWM and it just works!

So of course we each have our enduros to play on when we take the camper trailer away, and this is what we want to use them for, fire trails and single-track not roads.

Whereas we thought let’s get a bike that we can ride straight out of the garage and be on our way to those fire trails, no loading and unloading from the trailer or the truck. We can even carry gear, a small tent to overnight with a very basic camp or stay in a pub in a little country town!

He is so tall with a helmet on!!

Nyree will ride pillion, the bike is huge and with a 30 litre tank should put our range out around 500km to 600km on a tank. We bought quality Klim gear and Giant Loop panniers, added a BMW GPS, stuck on Continental off-road tires and a few other minor modifications to make it a perfect off-road tourer

We have plenty of ideas for trips so watch this space.