The Husqvarna

I have sold my beloved Berg and bought a brand new FE 350 Husqvarna, my 2nd bike. I went full on and added a few factory extra’s and aftermarket bits and pieces. From the dealer I had the pipe swapped to an FMF titanium one, Force skid plate, case saver, radiator protection, shark fin, and speedo protection. They also fitted Michelin Starcross mids, front and rear. I added bark busters, a shock linkage protector, front disc brake guard and a header guard. I also had the dealer remove the indicators, on/off switch and hardwire the headlight to run when the bike is on, with 1 on switch. I then finished it off with tugger straps front and rear and an a blingy fuel cap and a new seat cover and my own numbers 771.

Not so new anymore.
Before a Hard Enduro Race, so all clean.
All ready to go.

I want to compete in some Hard Enduro races this year so that is why I’ve set it up with the protection.

And off I go.
What goes up, must come down.

As for how it rides, straight away you notice the seat height being a bit lower so it feels less top heavy, and motor can just chug through in lower gears, there is nowhere near the amount of stalling and over revving that I was used to with the 250. I definitely think for my size and weight the 350 is perfect. It still handles the tight single-track easily and if anything is easier to through around as it just has that bit more low down power to get me out of tight spots without having to over rev and pop the front all the time.

Ready for my first ever Hard Enduro Race.

Now all I have to do is get fit, watch Jarvis videos and learn to pop wheelies!