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Standing in the Center of Australia.

We live on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and are lucky enough to both work in jobs that are quite flexible. This has given us the opportunity to pursue our passion which is camping and being in the great outdoors. As children we were both came from families that got out and about and experienced many different things. We both travelled and lived overseas as young adults, probably seeing more of other countries than what we have seen of our own. We want to give our kids and us a better appreciation of what Australia has to offer. We hope that our kids will gain a love of travel and develop skills that they can use as they grow and develop.

Seal Bay, Kangaroo Island.

We have a ‘wish-list’ of trips, some do-able today, others needing a Lotto win. There are always plans in the pipeline, it’s always good to dream.

We plan on experiencing and seeing as many places we can together as a family, we also hope to continue our travels once the kids have flown the nest.

Another great shot, with a stunning view.

We have a few regular destinations that we frequent because they are easy to access, so we know the surrounds when we arrive late, there are things to entertain the kids and they are an easy drive from Sydney for a short few days away.

We hope that our site may give you ideas in choosing an adventure for you and your family to enjoy. We will try and add as much detail we can to make your trips as fantastic as ours have been.

We don’t take ourselves too seriously and don’t pretend to be professional writers, photographers or bloggers, we hope you see the humour and light-heartedness in our writings and enjoy our photos.

Newnes.....an old train carriage. Oh and the mob!
Newnes…..an old train carriage. Oh and the mob!

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  1. This what having a camper trailer is all about…..family fun and games – love the web site and will keep checking to see more of your adventures…..

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